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No trends or seasons

I don't support fast fashion or the excessive consumption of cheap clothes.

I prefer to create clothes that will last for many generations, empowering you to live your life.

I also don't follow trends or make seasonal collections, but instead, design versatile and timeless pieces that you can wear again and again.

Sara Belreis clothing is made in limited editions, with only about 1000 pieces produced per year.

To reduce waste, I rely on pre-orders to determine what and how much I should produce.

As an independent label, I cannot offer unsustainably low prices, but my pricing ensures fair salaries and sustainable, durable fabrics.

Check out the manufacturing process below.

1. Pre-order

During two weeks, you have the opportunity to pre-order the latest designs with a special discount of 30%.

+ 2 weeks

2. Production

I'll calculate exactly how many units should be produced in the limited edition and begin the 2.5 months manufacturing process. During this time, the pre-order discount drops to 15%.

+ 2.5 months

3. Pre-order delivery

If you pre-ordered, you can expect to receive your garments within two weeks after the production is finished.

+ 2 weeks

4. In stock

The remaining pieces from the limited edition run will be available for purchase at full price with immediate shipping.

The longer you wait, the higher the price

Every third month, you'll be able to pre-order the latest designs at an unbeatable 30% discount.

But you'll need to act quickly - you only have two weeks to take advantage of this offer.

After that, I'll determine the exact production quantities for each style and begin the manufacturing of a limited-edition.

During the 2.5 month manufacturing period, the pre-order discount drops to 15%.

Once the limited edition pieces are made, all pre-orders will be shipped and early bird discounts will no longer apply.

The limited-edition is then available at full price with immediate shipping.