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About Sara Belreis

I am a Swedish independent designer who is deeply fascinated by the beauty of things.

I started my own brand in 2018 to liberate myself and bring to life all the designs I had spent a lifetime dreaming of.

Drawing inspiration from my Scandinavian heritage and the concept of "elevated minimalism", I create collections of clothing, fine art prints, and more.

Creating patterns and art is a therapeutic experience for me. I take great joy in combining flowers, abstract shapes, and colors to create unique pieces.

When it comes to designing clothing, I always prioritize comfort, elegance, and timelessness because I believe that fashion should make you feel liberated, not restricted.

I also believe that fashion and home decor is important for your self-expression and identity. That's why I only create limited edition designs, produced in small batches.

My goal is to make you feel and look as unique as you are, and to create pieces that you'll cherish for years to come – hopefully even passing them down to the next generation.

Let me inspire you to break free and enjoy life on your own terms, with rare designs as a reflection of your individuality.

With love,
Sara Belreis